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Get the most out of your mobility

Welcome to the new MobiCalendar!

Discover all the new functionalities or find out how to fill out the new calendar. Explore more of sustainable mobility by meeting our mobimonster and winning badges!

Go sustainable in your mobility
With our accessible and userfriendly tool!

MobiCalendar simplifies your mobility management. You get a clear overview of the mobility choices of your employees at a glance. In this way you can adjust and expand your mobility policy.

Your employees log their daily trips to work, which allows you to:

  • have an up-to-date overview of their mobility
  • allocate parking spots
  • easily award benefits to sustainable commuters, e.g. the bike allowance
  • quickly calculate the maximum tax exemption for carpoolers

All sustainable mobility options have been added to the system: bicycle, carpooling, public transport, going on foot, ... but also working from home.

With MobiCalendar, you have the possibility to let your employees discover sustainable mobility. They receive personalized encouragements and their actions are rewarded with the MobiCalendar badges!